Can Twitter come up with relationship statuses like FB?

-Married and spouse knows about account
-Married but acts single
-Single and getting some
-Single and jealous of people getting some
-Registered sex offender

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Pro tip: don’t write, “I thought I’d be the one to put a baby in you, but congratulations anyways” in the card.


My personal trainer told me to listen to my body at the gym so I punched him in the face and went to get some ice cream.


“Mr. Trump how will you beat Hillary Clinton?”

TRUMP: I’ll win NY, Florida, Ohio, we’re going to add states, Gerzona, Timbaland, Waterworld


[planning a heist]

Guy: it’s gonna be an inside job

Me, hates going outside: nice


The scariest thing about survival of the fittest is that it means the idiots currently surrounding you are the best evolution has to offer.


[at Timmy’s funeral]

Lassie’s thought bubble: Frankly, I can’t even believe he lasted this long I’m so tired


[roommate watching me get ready]
dont take that with you
“why not”
why would you
“it’ll be fine”
[hour into date and I spill my bag of ants]


[God inventing children]

A: Aw, so cute.

G: Make ’em scream.

A: But –

G: All the time. Just scream their heads off.


*enter password*




*reset password*

*new password can’t be the same as old password*