Cashier: And how are you today?

Me: Incandescent with rage. You?

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have we checked all food to see if exploding them makes them into something better or did we just stop with corn


How many pictures of the sky until we are satisfied as a people


Good, good, good, if it isn’t that guy who isn’t very well at grammar


what idiot called them crabs instead of sidewalks


One way to tell if a man is good in bed is to watch him dance. Another good way is to have sex with him.


1st rule of snitch club is d-
Ok w-
*police sirens*
Who called the cops
*everyone runs*


Me: Yes honey.. I know.. a stroller for the baby. I got it.

*hangs up*

Salesman: As I was saying, the largest hamster ball we sell is a-


WIFE: how old is your daughter?
WIFE’S FRIEND: she’s eight going on nine.
ME: *whispering* That’s how numbers work