CBS Fall Line-Up:
Big Bang Theory
Young Sheldon
Old Sheldon
Ghost Sheldon
CSI Sheldon
Last Sheldon Standing
America’s Got Sheldons

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Director: one of you actors tampered with my DNA last night!
Tom Cruise: not me, I went cruising
Elizabeth Banks: I was at the bank.
Gene Hackman: *drops test tube in surprise*


What I have learned from dating is that if he shows you affection, talks to you every day, and introduces you to his friends and family, he’s just not that into you


Rey: Why do you hide behind a mask?

Kylo Ren: *takes off his mask to reveal his real face*

Rey: Wow. Put the mask back on.


The city I live in has the highest rate of stalkings in Canada. I told a girl at the grocery store this. Then I told her at the gym.


(Guy who was trapped in a well for 20 years standing in front of the Get Well Soon cards at the pharmacy, frowning)


Thinking of having kids?

Buy a sofa where the cushions are attached and don’t come off.

You’re welcome. I’ve just saved you fifteen million hours of your life.


I mean I’m over it but I’m definitely going to bring it up again after a couple drinks


First date

*dont let him know you been stalking him

Him- so my brother just got deployed

Me: Josh or Brian?


I’ll be tweeting telepathically today, so if you think of something funny, that’s me.