celebrities be like omg 🙄 quarantined in my 30 room mansion with a personal theater, olympic pool and 50 acre yard for the next month. soooooo bored. just know weโ€™re all in this with you guys! 🙏🏼

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Eggs come out of the carton left to right, buddy. Not all willy-nilly like some crazy person who hates America.


Don’t tell me what your cats’ names are, I’ll call’em what I want.

Oh, Mittens & Snuggles?



I like that they put Bibles in hotel rooms. You never know when you’re going to run into a vampire who’s on a road trip.


Just so we’re all clear: NASA is getting a direct feed from a robot on Mars, but I still can’t make a cell phone call from my basement.


I call my ex “Appendix” because he didn’t seem to have a specific purpose and removing it didn’t change a thing in my life.


Your loss, middle school cheerleading squad. Turns out I’m really good at yelling at people.



waiter: welcome, have you dined here with us before?

me: no but I know how to order food


Only recently discovering that math is a branch of science probably explains my math marks in high school.


6yo’s can’t go to jail so I have no idea why this one’s refusing to drive me home from the pub.