Celery is just spoons for people so hungry they’d eat their spoons

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Nature Fact: baby bears are born with fur because a mother bear can’t bear to bear a bare bear


I love my wife dearly, but she just used the word “whatevs” for the first time, so 17 years. It’s been a good run.


Honey I Shrunk the Kids IV:

They shrink everyone on earth on purpose

The planet will never run out of resources

Everyone is eaten by ants


Me:*screaming in horror in the bathroom*
Him:*banging on door* Are you ok? WTF is going on?
M:I found a gray hair!


A thief broke into a car and only stole a Kit Kat. Who leaves a Kit Kat in a car unattended?


[spelling bee]

Your word is ’embarrassing’

“Oh I don’t mind, you can say it”

No, it’s really ’embarrassing’

“Ok, I promise not to laugh”


ME: I’m much better thinking outside the box



Rob somebody at gunpoint today, show the world how serious you are at nicknaming your new friend Robert.