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As the mother of two kids under 5, I’m always playing a game I call “Is this normal, or is my child a sociopath?”



A forum for passive aggressive behavior!

WHEN do we want it?

NOW would be great but you seem busy sooo whatever.


Mannequin challenge but me just standing in the kitchen, in the dark, holding the ice cream container as my wife walks by unaware.


If you don’t let me in the bathroom, I can’t guarantee your safety when you pee.

~dogs, apparently


Playing guess the animal with 4yo.
4: it looks like a tiger.
Me: a lion?
4: no.
Me: leopard?
4: no.
Me: i give up
4: it’s a tiger


You’re never too old to ride inside of a shopping cart…

No matter what the store manager says.


“Hey Frosty, calm down on the snacks. You’re getting fat. Check out this six pack! You could do laundry on it!”

– the Abdominal Snowman