[Chasing a man out of the bathroom with a pube] Sir you dropped this!

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I’m 30 but I still feel like I’m 20
Until I hang out with 20 year olds
Then I’m like no, never mind, I’m 30


ME: Who’s my little sex kitten?

HER: *slowly pushes me off bed*

ME: [from floor] That’s right baby.


Yes, I’m English.

No, I can’t speak British to you.
No, I don’t know the Queen.
No, I don’t want a spot of tea.


Interviewer: Your resume says that you’re good at multitasking

[me while painting nails]: Obvi

Interviewer: Please stop touching my nails


16 and pregnant should be followed by 26 and sucking c**k for crack.


Cop: I’ll ask you one last time did you or did you not see the stop sign back there?

Ace of Base: *starts sweating*


Another day, another police escort from an all you can eat buffet.


A reality show, where you spy on your suspected cheating significant other, called Baewatch.


DR: You get a burning sensation when you pee?
ME: Especially when it gets in my eyes
DR: That’s not right
ME: I know that’s why I’m here


prosecutor: why did you murder that man

me: i thought he was cake

prosecutor: you “thought” he was cake?



me: i hoped he was cake