*climbs Mt. Everest hoping to find clarity, PEACE & a deeper understanding of myself & the world*

“When did they put a Starbucks up here?”

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I wonder if babies know that we are more terrified of them than they are of us


Florida mom delivers 14-pound baby after surprise pregnancy .

Florida?? NO PART of this story surprises me.


My wife wants to rent a wood chipper next weekend, in case I suddenly stop tweeting,


She sent me a text saying she wearing something special for me…
but every time I ask her what, she says ~ Nothing.


dollar store pregnancy test instructions say to pee on the stick then wait 9 months


Hurry everyone! While Canada is getting baked out of their mind today, I think we can rush in and take all the maple syrup and free health care we can carry.


SON: What’re you doing?

ME {scribbling maniacally on a sheet of paper}: Trying to find a solution to global warming!

SON: Cool

ME {slamming fist on the table}: That’s it!!


ME: Is this Babies R Us
ME: No babies work here
C: I know
ME: It should be called Babies Were US
C: …
ME: Get me your manager