Cobra & Mongoose. He’s a cobra… she’s a mongoose. They say opposites attract but can two unlikely partners find love? No. Oh jeeezus, don’t look.

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Doctor: You’ve got high blood pressure & water retention. Do you know what that gives you?

Me: Boiling water?

Doctor: Ha! No,you’re dying.


Aries: Measure twice, cut once, and don’t leave any fingerprints.


genie: you get three wishes
me: i wish you were terrible at math
genie: ok you’re out of wishes
me: wait no


People always say I make things sound sexual but I try not to pry them open and force my thick throbbing opinion down inside them.


“I put on panties cause there was a spider on the deck and I don’t know where it went.” and other morning texts.


Seriously joggers?! You’re gonna run and carry on a conversation at the same time?

And I’m all outta breath just finishing this McMuffin!!!


“god I love doggy style” I say excitedly as I put a top hat and bow tie on my golden lab


I don’t like it when restaurant servers ask “So what are you guys doing tonight?” because it makes me feel lame. THIS is what we’re doing, Kevin. Eating at Chili’s IS the event.


tree: morning

me: oh hey

tree: yo lemme get a hit of that carbon dioxide bro

me: [exhales on tree]

tree: [leaves all shakin’] ooooh ya baby that’s the stuff