CONDUCTOR: Oh my dad’s in the audience
[waves to dad]
[orchestra goes crazy]

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Take a stand against childhood obesity by chasing little fat kids down the street.


I tell my boyfriend I love him all the time and all he says are things like “make a left in 300 feet” and “you’ve reached your destination.”


Actually Frankenstein was the name of the scientist. I, the person correcting you on this trivial point, am the monster.


Twitter should come with a “MAY CONTAIN NUTS” warning when you open the app.


Rappers are terrible with pets: the Baja Men let their dogs out, DMX never knows where his dogs are at, and Pitbull is awful.


EATS clean for a week, loses 2 pounds.
DRIVES by a donut shop, gains 5.
This is some bullshit.


Studying abroad: Spending months in another country.
Studying a broad: Spending months Facebook stalking Ashley.