Cop; Know why I pulled you over?

Me; Because you got beat up in high school


Me; Because you got beat up in high school, Sir?

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By age 35 you should have a drawer in your house filled with random items. That way, when you can’t find something, you’ll just check the junk drawer. And boom, just like that, you won’t find it there either.


Well, she was raised to refer to dinner as ‘supper’ so obviously it wasn’t going to work out in the end.


“I love ribs! What are ribs, anyway? Are they like cow, or like people…or?”

-my 6yo daughter, that’s apparently not disturbed by cannibalism


My wife just told me 11 more things I do wrong after she said she wasn’t talking to me anymore.


When a woman says, “We need to talk”, it’s no good. Never has a woman said, “We need to talk” and followed it up with “about pillow forts”.


Days after my plane crashed, I find a phone. Thankfully, it has enough battery for me to go online & argue with strangers. I remain stranded


Superman hides his identity w/ glasses & a side part. I wear a quilt w/ eye holes & it’s still “Lisa, you’ve been banned from this Wendy’s”.


cut a hole in the bottom of my tub of popcorn while on a date so when she goes for some she accidentally grabs a copy of my mixtape


Don’t forget to smile today, but not that creepy smile that makes us all wonder how many bodies are buried in your yard.


Don’t you just hate it when you order a book called “Cooking with children” and none of the recipes involves them as an ingredient?