[Crime scene on set-your-clock-back-an-hour day]

INVESTIGATOR 1: Time of death?

INVESTIGATOR 2: [looks at microwave…then phone] uhhm hmm

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I hope “citibank” is better at math than spelling.



•Never criticize your former employer
•Maintain eye contact
•Be positive


INTERVIEWER: Tell me about yourself.
ME: I worshiped my previous boss, *leans in close*
and we live in a world of limitless beauty.


Wife: You’re shirtless?
W: And covered in…oil?
-Well, you know how you always say I never glisten?
W: Listen. You never listen.


“And you are?” she asked.
I puffed out my chest, hoping that if I angled my name tag correctly I could read its reflection in her sunglasses


when i was a young boy my father had what he called the bean jar. it was a jar full of brown and black beans. whenever we misbehaved, he would remove one and tell us that once the jar was empty, the world would end


Who the hell called them deadbeat dads instead of negli-gents?


pennywise the clown taps into the deep rooted fear we all have that the clown who lives in our sewer turns out to be murderous


If life was fair, salad would cause weight gain, and we’d have to eat a lot of chocolate to lose it all back.


[job interview]
interviewer: any weaknesses?
death star: only a little one


WIFE: What are you doing?

ME: [struggling on floor] Yoga

WIFE: At the bottom of the stairs?


WIFE: You fell down the stairs

ME: Yes