Dad: *getting grill ready* I need some lighter fluid

Me: *ties a balloon to his drink*

Dad: *sniff* I’m so proud of you

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Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) played a major role in the scientific revolution even though he was such a poor boy and nobody loved him.


I want a SPIDERMAN GO app where I have to get pictures of spiderman for a furious j jonah jameson


I’m totally fine with everyone leaving the country if Trump wins or if Hillary wins. I need more space


My therapist says that to be happy in marriage, never go to sleep mad at each other. Been mad at my wife 2 months straight cause of insomnia


Fears: dying alone, getting horribly maimed or disfigured, people who stick their tongue out in photos


Be the reason why your priest clutches their rosary when they look at you.


My favorite part of the Passover story is when Moses challenges Pharaoh to a non violent debate and then frees the Jews by defeating him in the marketplace of ideas.