Dentist: So when was the last time you flossed?

Him: Dude you were there

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ME: my underwear is just two soft flour tortillas held together by electrical tape

INTERVIEWER [desperate]: ok and how about weaknesses


When I momentarily lack the ability to articulate my thoughts and use a preposition instead.



Hey, girl. I noticed you checking out my Hello Kitty socks. Just so you know…the boxers match.



Twitter action film:

MAN 1: Follow me.

MAN 2: On Twitter?

MAN 1: No. Physically, follow me. Or you’ll be killed.

MAN 2: On Twitter?


If you walk into a room that’s empty except for a clown doll sitting in a chair at a tiny table, you’re probably about to be murdered.


If you play any Radiohead song backwards it gives you the directions to a hip little sushi place in New York.


I had a call from a charity asking me to donate old clothes for starving people. I told them anybody who fits into my clothes isn’t starving


Flight attendant: The pilot has had a heart attack! So who can fly the plane??

Me: omg *nudges wife* I love riddles


FRIEND: Wow you have bought A LOT of frozen food
ME: I like to plan ahead
FRIEND: But you haven’t got a freezer
ME: I’m a terrible planner