“Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” “Actually I think it was when you hit me with your car-” “WE GOT AN ANGEL OVER HERE!”

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We’re being punished for making too many things from cauliflower.


Valet parking is cool because obviously I didn’t spend the last five years meticulously fine-tuning the positions of my seat, steering wheel, and mirrors, by all means please do just shove everything wherever you want it for the one minute you’ll be driving my car


*scrawls note on deserted isle*
*sends off in bottle*
*it returns, months later, with reply*


T Rex isnt so scary if you imagine a bunch of baby T Rexes watching Barney just giggling and rolling around on the ground playing with keys.


Guy stole my identity this week and I’m like I HAVE A FAMILY YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM TOO


Ya man, it is weird that your wife started wearing the same cologne I wear.


my neighbor: the wife and i are having trouble in the bedroom
me: oh no, ghosts?