Did you know you can replace Sweet Child O Mine with Sweet Glass O Wine and it makes for an even better song

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Just told a teen about the music I listened to when I was her age & she said “that’s cool, I love the oldies,” so today I do my first murder


HUSBAND: I got the dog heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day.

ME: *through a mouthful of cookies* The dog?


DATE: *takes a sip of her water*
ME: haha ok wow can you tone down the pda you’re behaving very erotically


“Umm, what are you doing? Can you not? Seriously, get off me!” – The first horse ever ridden (probably)


[police raid at balloon store]

Cop on radio:”We can hear gunfire is everyone ok, over”

Hedgehog cop inside:”Its not gunfire, over”


A dog made of diamonds would be everyone’s best friend.


Using my phone screen as a light, I search for my phone. Behind 1way glass, a bunch of chimps in lab coats write on their clipboards and nod