Dinosaur 911: what’s ur emer-


Dinosaur 911: same color as you?

Dinosaur: YES

Dinosaur 911: is it your own tail?

Dinosaur: ok, you’re gonna laugh

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my uber driver watching me wander around the street aimlessly because i have no idea what a toyota crayola is


I sympathize with those who fear that sex ed will sexualize kids. Our youngest studied WWI on a Monday; by Friday he’d invaded Belgium.


I went to the bathroom and forgot my phone. Had to read the little paper about Toxic Shock Syndrome from the tampon box again


Its awkward touching hands with another man in a popcorn bag, especially if you dont know the man & he doesnt know youre eating his popcorn


My 5 yo just told me she decided she will only have 2 kids, because “having 4 kids like you did is annoying Mommy”

………. she’s my 3rd kid.


If they took all the money spent on making Godzilla movies, they could’ve probably just made an actual Godzilla by now.


genie: hello-

me: i wish for a goth figure skater to get into the olympics and do a routine to welcome to the black parade


Mario: I killed all your turtle troops.Bowser: Turtle what?Mario: All the turtles that work for you.Bowser: What turtles?Mario: Uh oh…


“Have you tried… not thinking about skeletons?” my therapist asks.

I look at her.

I look at the skeleton inside her trying to trick me.