“Do you want the latest dirt?”

-No, but I appreciate the sediment.

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We all have that one friend who thinks they can sing…and if you can’t think of who, that friend is you.


Social butterfly? Nah.

I’m more like a social Sasquatch. Some people swear they’ve seen me, but no one really believes them.


It’s important to vary your diet. Like, yesterday I had popcorn & a margarita for dinner so tonight I’m having popcorn & wine for dinner.


I hate when I’m drunk and someone says “I’ll talk to you in the morning” like I’m not gonna be drunk then too.


Idea: ATM that sends you encouraging messages like “You Can Do it” or “Ramen Noodles Aren’t So Bad” when you check your sad Account Balance


My 8yo is watching a video of a guy watching a video of another guy flipping water bottles. Please pray for me during this difficult time.


Son told me “Make me a sandwich, woman” and now I have one child instead of two


chef: [yelling] I NEED LETTUCE

assistant: [from walk-in fridge] ICEBERG, RIGHT? A HEAD?

other chef (that survived the Titanic): oh no not again