Doc this part of my evaluation where it says psychotic, can you change it to madcap?

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My wife said “vase” wrong so I corrected her and now we know that it can just barely fit over my head.


Dominos sent me an email while I was in the frozen pizza section. Trust issues much? I’ll call you later, relax.


Marijuana is a dangerous drug. My uncle once got so high that he thought it was OK to explain the musical history of Santana and the Grateful Dead.


Keep yourself entertained during quarantine by taking daily mail comments and putting them on New Yorker cartoons to create your own satirical comics.


Her: We had our friend for dinner.

Him: It sounds wrong when you say it like that.

Her: Sorry. We ate our friend for dinner.


It’s a comfort knowing Dad is looking down on me, but we should probably cut his hang-glider out of that tree one of these days.


Quarantine Stories: We’ve got every TV channel available to us, but my husband and I would rather watch a fly meeting its demise, as our kitchen spider who we named, “Brad Pitt,” settles down for a meal.