Don’t tell me what to do.

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Any questions?

“Why isn’t Bigfoot called Bigfeet?”

No about working here

“Oh! If he worked here would you call him Bigfeet?”


Sent him a pic and he replied “BOOM!!” Trying to figure out if that means he liked it or he threw himself on a grenade.


You think you’re tired? Try being a child who’s been asked to put away their own laundry that’s been washed, folded and delivered to their room for them.


Had pumpkin flavored coffee this morning and immediately signed up for a Zumba class and kidnapped 2 kids and drove them to a soccer field


The Lion King is my favourite film outlining why you shouldn’t trust your uncle


My rear view mirror broke off. No biggie, I’ll just put one of my contact lenses in backwards.


If you spin an oriental person around until they get dizzy, do they become disoriented? #LifeQuestions


Pretty sure I burned off a print making dinner, so if anyone needs my right middle finger for doing crimes, hit me up.


Something extremely foolish must be done about all this.