[drunk w/ 2 kittens at a bar]
give me another
“haven’t u had enough?”
i’ll tell u when i’ve had enough!
*bartender hands me another kitten*

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If your date asks what you do for a living, just say “You let me worry about that.”


Anyone who has ever said “I’m just going to let these dishes soak” has no intention of doing those dishes


god grant me the serenity to close tabs i know i won’t read, the courage to keep ones open that i will, & the wisdom to know the difference


If Billy Joel wrote “We Didn’t Start the Fire” today, it would be 2 hours.


Doctor: Have you noticed any differences since you’ve started the medication?

Me:…I rap a lot less.


Fun Game:
1. Glue dark sunglasses to all pigeons in a park.
2. Poke stranger on the shoulder.
3. Whisper, “I think we’re being watched…”


I hate when I stand on a scale and it starts to cry and begs me to get off


Not to brag, but a news anchor started following me today. She recognizes a disaster when she sees one.


nothing kills high school nostalgia faster than a scroll down your facebook feed