[drunk, yelling at an empty Fosters can] ALEXA WHO ATE MY DORITOS

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Finally found the perfect background for my zoom meetings


I was mowing the lawn, hit a small rock and it went flying and hit something to the side of me, I looked over and the neighbor’s car had a small dent, I was going to go tell him but then I thought no I better not, he may think I did it.


I’d roll around in garbage with you. Not the garbage from the bathroom though, that’s gross, but the good stuff that comes from the kitchen.


I just ran for the train so I think I’m good on running for a couple years.


Hi, it’s me, your housebound friend. Since I have years of experience at this, and you lot seem to be out of ideas already, I will be providing you with daily suggestions of ways in which to entertain yourselves at home. Ready?

March 16th: Teach the cat a conjuring spell.


[First Date]

Me: I can’t believe we’re on a date! It’s not cause my fathers rich is it?

Him: No. He’s very handsome too



You say “potato”, I say “This isn’t working. I think we are unhealthy together and you scare the shit out of me. Keep the cat. He hates me.”


Yoga was invented in 1301 when a Buddhist monk fell down a big hill slowly.


WIFE: this year, can you put the santa presents out for the kids christmas morning?