Engineer: we’ve done it. We’ve created the most advanced robot known to man, even capable of feeling emotion
Boss: can he read slightly jumbled letters when trying to sign up to a website?
Engineer: obviously not

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Somewhere in my brain is a tiny gland that blinds me to unwashed dishes.


No thanks, body wraps. If I believed magic would make me thinner, I’d eat a wizard.


Magneto: Curses! How did you find my secret lair? Telepathy? Satellites?
Wolverine: every compass in town is pointing at you, bro, how do you not know this


Doctor: What’s the problem?

Me: Our baby cries all night

Doctor: That’s quite normal


Doctor: Holy shit


Damn girl, is your dad an astronaut? Because I’d like to meet him. Please let me meet your astronaut dad.


Detective: someone’s been stealing boats, can we look in your basement?

Me: I don’t have a basement

*sound of foghorn from basement*


“It’s cold!”, “Happy birthday!”, “I’m so blessed”, “Political rant!”… There, now you don’t have to go to Facebook today. You’re welcome.


STRANGER: Your dog is unusual looking

ME: Yeah, he’s interbred

DUCK: [waddles up] I’ll tell you who else is into bread


I’m NOT Superman.

What appears to be a red and yellow S on my chest is just the result of a rather fortuitous mustard and ketchup stain.


If you put your face really close to a neck tattoo & slowly pull away, you can see a hidden design of the unemployment office.