Female without the vowels is ‘FML’.

Need I say more?

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prosecutor: why did you murder that man

me: i thought he was cake

prosecutor: you “thought” he was cake?



me: i hoped he was cake


A fun thing to do is take a group picture at a party. Then leave & print it at Walgreens. Buy a frame & place it on the mantel at the party.


It’s called a “Monte Cristo” sandwich because one day it will return disguised as another sandwich & seek its revenge


Wife: We’re going to have a baby!

Friend: Wow congrats! Are you going to find out what it is?

Me: I already googled and it’s a very tiny human


I stole a friend’s phone today and set it so it will autocorrect “I’ve” to “me’ve” and me’m really excited about it.


[meeting new people]

Them: so, tell me something fun about yourself

Me: *nervously* I don’t wear clown makeup usually


Allegedly naked and not afraid to dance in front of a large crowd.

Unrelated: Ambien is not candy.