[first date]

him: I love an outdoorsy kind of girl who’s also dirty in bed.

me: * trying to impress* I once slept with a hobo who lives in the woods.

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Twitter gives me renewed faith there’s always someone more stupid.


can’t stop thinking about the time my husband said my hair looked nice “like a waterfall in the front & a velociraptor in the back”


My knee just cracked so loudly that I half expect it to glow in the dark tonight.


Flight attendant: Before landing, please make sure all small electronic items are secure

Me: *whispering to my tamagotchi* do you feel safe, bud?


When my niece told me she knew Santa didn’t exist, I panicked and told her I never lied, it’s just he’d recently died from Coronavirus. Totally saved it.


The hardest part about raising a centaur baby is having people know you banged a horse.


no my tattoos do not have any meaning i am simply a child putting permanent stickers all over myself<3 stop asking pls


We’re born alone. We die alone. And in between we search for our car keys alone.