[first date]
Him: So what do you do?
Her: I’m a meteorologist.
Him: Cool. I love meat.

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I’ve been known to drive women crazy with my tongue.

*never shuts the hell up*


2020; January, February, Quarantine, December.


the worst part of senior prom was definitely dropping my date and my grandfather’s ashes going EVERYWHERE


When I meet someone new I shake their hand really fast and whisper “yes, please don’t stop” because people need to learn not to talk to me.


*seduces you by wearing a sundress

*ruins it by running in flip flops


When hubs is sleeping I put my Care Bear blanket on him and take the most adorable blackmail photos ever.


I thought it was a staring contest but then I realized the guy had a glass eye so now I can never go back to that gas station again.


Look picnics, if I wanted to spend three hours protecting my food with a spork, I’d just go to prison.


Customer: can I get some bacon

Me: sure

Customer: can you make it fatty

Me: *holding back tears* bacon isn’t that hard to make