Five out of six people enjoy Russian Roulette.

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i just finished breaking bad. what happens to hanks minerals. I don’t like loose ends man. what happened to the minerals


Twenty years ago today I walked across the stage and proudly accepted a diploma from Harvard University, a day I’ll never forget. I was promptly tackled by security and charged with trespassing, but man, what a moment.


I sleep with a Bible under my pillow in case anyone wants to break in and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and personal savior


Remember when we thought “Any kid can grow up to be President” was a good thing?


I speak 3 languages. Unfortunately no one else in the world speaks 2 of them.


Only death will keep me from you. Or cake. Or Netflix. Or kittens….hold on, I have a list.


I moved to LA with nothing but the shirt on my back. No pants & I couldn’t figure out how to get the shirt on my front. Soon I was jailed


I don’t buy the dinosaur chicken nuggets because they’ve already been through enough already.