Friend: Look on the bright side
Me: [walks away]
Friend: Where are you going
Me: To talk to someone who doesn’t say shit like that

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I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years but if I ever got the chance I would absolutely 100% bite the head off the Geico gecko


Tried to challenge the guy in the stall next to me to a thumb war, now he’s holding my hand & crying about his childhood.

I need to wipe.


Treat her like a princess & she’ll love you forever.
Unless she’s an actual princess. Then she’ll just think “I’m being treated normally.”


When I found out that my neighbour is allergic to cats
I bought one
And I have never seen him since.


When brands use cool words like “bae” on social media, I drive straight to their nearest location with all my money, ready to buy products.


I found my husband’s shirt in the dishwasher & his beer mug in the hamper, but the details of this caper have yet to emerge.


*Someone compliments me*

Me: *laughs* shut up! I am not, you lying piece of shit.


Twitter basically:

Person: “These socks are itchy.”

Other people:

“That’s not true. I have socks that aren’t itchy.”

“You shouldn’t generalize about socks.”

“Some people need itchy socks. Stop crapping on them.”

“First-world foot problems.”

“The real problem is shoes.”


*doorbell rings*

me: go away I’m social distancing

voice: pizza delivery

me: *opens door*

COVID19: hehe, got’em