FRIEND: What 3 books would you have on a desert island?
ME: My first book is more books.
F: What? These aren’t wish—
M: Second book’s a TV.

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We’re throwing a surprise retirement party for a guy at the office and the “party” isn’t the surprise.


Girl, are you Chernobyl? Because you warm me to the core and leave me glowing. Also I think you’ve killed some people.


MAKE Easter easier by replacing the ‘t’ with an ‘i’.


Half way through the movie, I brought some popcorn downstairs for the kids & realized I rented the wrong Black Stallion DVD.


Her: If I get fat will you break up with me?
Me: No but you’re now just two more inane questions away from being buried in the garden.


I’m pretty sure that the guy who wrote about the Apocalypse was a meteorologist.


Whenever anyone quotes the Bible to me I quote Harry Potter to them because I too love a good magical fiction book.


[at my funeral]

So young, how did he die?

He ran into oncoming traffic after walking past a group of adults saying the word “bae”


How long before customers start noticing that the grill marks on their paninis were drawn on with a felt pen?


[buying treadmill]

Me: Can I try it out first?

Salesperson: Sure

Me: (pulls out laundry basket and hangs wet clothes on it) I like it.