Friend: what the hell is that?
Me: it’s my putter, I made it myself from peanuts
Friend: that’s dumb!
Me: don’t be jelly of my peanut-putter

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I’m suspicious of polyamory because a good relationship is like a conspiracy to assassinate the president. You must trust in your fellow conspirators completely, so you have to keep the group as small as possible.


Indiana Jones: I present the Ark of the Covenant, sacred crypt of the Ten Commandments.
Rick from Pawn Stars: I’ll give you 25 bucks.


If you can tell from my eye contact at the grocery store that I’m inviting you to race shopping carts, you’re my kinda people.


[commercial for soup]
Have you ever wanted to eat regular food only with water poured all over it?


Rey: I want to be your Jedi student.

Me: Did you hear what happened to all my other Jedi students?

Rey: No.

Me: Good. Let’s get started.


To someone this means ‘A new start’. To everyone else, it doesn’t.


*tops off beautiful woman’s wine glass* But what if you could, Sharon, what if you could control the cat with a Nintendo Power Glove?


I’m not saying I did terrible things last night but satan just woke up on my couch and he won’t make eye contact with me.