Fun Fact: I love it when Americans whose Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather emigrated from Ireland say “I’m Irish”. No.

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Worst thing about having sex with a Canadian girl is having to sit through BOTH of our national anthems before we start.


After coronavirus is officially renamed, scientists admit they shouldn’t have put it to a public vote but will nonetheless continue to fight the spread of Diseasy McDiseaseface.


my favorite 15th century artist? definitely uh [thinking of the ninja turtles but trying to not pick an obvious one] master splinter


“If anyone happens to see a common field mouse run by in a Hot pink sweater, please disregard.”


i wanted som fried chicken but i didnt hav any chicken so i fried a egg and now im waitig for it to hatch


9: Dad, did you know that in some cultures the groom doesn’t even know the bride until after they’re married.

Me: That’s every culture son.


Being goth is hard. The curse on your boss is not working. Ravens are impossible to train. Deodorant marks on your black clothes. Ugh.