[girl’s night out]
WIFE: I’m off then
ME: Okay
WIFE: Don’t do anything obtuse
ME: Pfft – give me a break!
{5 min later}
ME *googling obtuse*

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I just saw a baby wearing a shirt saying: “Santa doesn’t exist, but that’s ok, cause I can’t read.”


I lied and told someone, “I can’t go to your party I have diarrhea.” I actually do have diarrhea but historically that hasn’t stopped me


Yelling “shotgun” when getting in a car means a seat in the front. Yelling it before getting on a plane means a seat in the TSA office.


I don’t hate my job. I just really enjoy curling up in a ball and sobbing under a blanket in the backseat of my car during lunch.


If you’re bored, go find someone under the age of 20 and explain beepers to them.


Homes are 750 square feet larger today than they were 30 years ago. Unfortunately, so are most Americans.


whenever I see “likes her own status” on facebook, a little bit of me dies and becomes a horcrux.


Jesus died for our sins.
But then he came back to life.
Pretty sure that breaks the deal.