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~Things I say before requiring stitches.”;}s:7:”retweet”;i:0;}

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[at the auto parts store]

Me: I need windshield wipers for my Chryler

Counter Guy: What size engine


I decided to be faithful to my boyfriend. I think I’m really in love this time! I don’t recall ever feeling like this before.

My husband:


brain: bounce leg

me: why

brain: bounce

me: ok that’s fair

brain: now crack knockles


*eating freshly baked cookies*

4: I want lots more!

Me: you’ve had a lot already… I don’t want you to get a stomachache

4: but *I* want a stomachache!!!


Why do people ask “What were you thinking?” Obviously I was thinking I was going to get away with it and not have to explain.


Dogs have dandruff and cats have dandmeow. Hi, I’m single.


My wife and I come from very different backgrounds. Her family is French and Irish, and mine is suffocating and unstable.


My neighbor just walked by carrying some pots for planting & I said “Looks like you won the pottery lottery!” Now everyone is mad at me.