“Give me your finest meal, money is of no concern.”

~ Me at McDonald’s on pay day.

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I make one mistake and my pharmacist now adds “by mouth” on the prescription label.


Nollywood movies would legit explain the whole movie to you in the title. 💔😂


[my brain going to party]

general anxiety: what if everyone ignores you?

social anxiety: what if they don’t?


Your baby isn’t 48 months ffs…he’s 4 years old.

I don’t go around saying I’m one thousand, one hundr….

Hold on…Imma need a calculator.


How to use eyeliner:

1. Draw a thin line on your top & bottom eyelids
2. Oops too thick, try to even them out
3. Colour your whole face in


You: What happened to your hand?

Me: I lost my engagement ring so I cut off my finger so my husband wouldn’t notice.


FINANCIAL ADVISOR: You’re terrible with money.
ME: I bet my life savings that you’re wrong.
FINANCIAL ADVISOR: I don’t want your $30.


Friend: your kid is bouncing off the walls and running everywhere!

Me: yeah… she’s super tired

Friend: tired?

Me: it’s complicated


Daughter saw old clothes I’ve saved for sentimental value & said ‘I bet you cried when the last dinosaur died too’. She’s out of the will.