GMO bananas: turn brown for what?

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(at the doctor)

Can u cough for me?
Can u exhale for me?
Can u make kissy noises?
*kissy noises*
Can you beatbox at my wedding? the dj backed out.


It’s bad enough that I have to die someday, having my whole life flash before my eyes first just seems excessive


Them: What’d you scrape your chin on?

Me: A chiseled jawline with a 5-o’clock shadow.


She has a rye sense of humor & great buns.

I’m her hero, although I don’t have much dough.

I can’t wheat to see her!

I’m in loaf.


king: the gods are angry with us

advisor: let’s throw a virgin into a volcano

king: how would that hel—

advisor: [throwing steΦen in] help what


“Some people say I’m an animal in the sack.” – baby kangaroo


Instead of blocking your ex, become such a disaster online that everyone makes fun of your ex for dating you


me: *getting down on one knee*

my gf: omg i can’t believe it’s finally happening

me: *tightening my velcro strap* what


Food just tastes better upside-down
1. upside-down cake
2. hamburgers
3. not cereal tho
4. oh no cereal is everywhere
5. why did I do this