Goal weight: “are you ok, you look sick”

Goal weight: “are you ok, you look sick”

- @mdob11

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It has been brought to my attention that people stickers on car windows are NOT pedestrian kills,but family members. Removing mine ASAP.


“Nobody wants to hear about pooping”
Actually Mom, I think you’ll find that there’s an entire social network dedicated to proving you wrong.


Therapist: What’s the issue?

Me: They kicked me out of Fight Club

Therapist: You want to talk about it?

Me: That’s right


i can confirm that Somali pirates have intercepted my shipment of 20,000 glossy 8×10 headshots and are using them for vile purposes


Why is it called “getting ghosted” when ghosts whole thing is sticking around too long


2 Smurfs stand over a body…

“What happened?”
“Choked on a sandwich.”
“Nobody helped?”
“Didn’t they see him turning bl-”



HER: Do you want to have children?

ME: *leans in close* I thought you understood that I would be the child in this relationship.


I spilled red wine on my white pants. So I decided to sprinkle blue glitter on them too. I’m now a top seller on Etsy.