good morning to everyone but especially the cat who stuck her entire paw in my cup of coffee

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*birds dress Cinderella for school*
*gets to school, goes into bathroom*
*buncha rabid squirrels gather and re-dress her in goth shit*


Today my battery went dead on my car key so I had to manually unlock it like the pioneers did.


We are all damned fools. He tried to warn us, but we didn’t have ears to hear.

Now all I can see is that horrific smile. That knowing gaze born of higher-knowledge which says, “It is too late.”

The Papa John’s Day of Reckoning has come.



Thanks for the 27 hashtags describing your pic otherwise I would have never known it’s a hamburger



stick in the park:

6 y/o me: I will take it home


“Happy Anniversary to you both, may you have a long marriage with many more years ahead” she hexed.


If a tree falls on your Ex in the woods, and no one hears it, still get rid of the chainsaw just in case.


*sees a car with a “how am i driving” bumper sticker*
*calls the phone number*
ME: buddy i think it’s with a steering wheel


Good cop “If you confess maybe we can cut you some sort of deal…”

Crab cop *walks sideways off the table*