[GOP Debate]

MODERATOR: this question is for Senator Cruz. How will you handle zodiackillersayswhat?

CRUZ: what?

MODERATOR: I knew it!

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French guy (showing me his yachts): This is Un. This is Deux. This is Trois. This is Quatre. This is Six.

Me: Where’s the 5th?

FG: Cinq.


Son #1: How long have we owned this house?

Me: You mean how long have I owned this house.

S1: No, I mean we. We share it, right?

Me: [Mufasa voice] Look around you, son. Everything the light touches … belongs to me.


“I just wanted to create something that makes a horrible ripping sound. The adhesive aspect was just an accident.”

– inventor of velcro


I’m in that fun part of a relationship where everything is new and exciting and we are learning things about each other and I don’t poop.


I haven’t been this disappointed since I found out that spider monkeys are not half spider half monkey


My wife must be the slowest reader ever.

I bought her a Kindle last Christmas and she still hasn’t finished it.


using internet explorer to download chrome is like when my gf borrowed my car to cheat on me


Cashier: And how are you today?

Me: Incandescent with rage. You?