Hell is where Sarah Palin is president, Taylor Swift is in love with me, and Kim Kardashian names all the children

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“these fit like a glove,” i whisper, sliding effortlessly into my five legged pants


See that sad girl up on the hill with tears ?

That’s not me..I’m the one over there running away from a goose with a corn dog in my hand.


[Sees girl watching Star Wars]
“Oh I love that movie, the way” *starts to sweat* “All those stars are at war with each other”


I don’t know what I drank last night, but the vacuum is stuck on top of the house.


Me texting friend: Hey! What’s up?
Buddy: *sends picture of ceiling*
Me: I am so glad I didn’t ask “how’s it hanging”


EARTH: *celebrates her 50th Earth Day*

BILLIONAIRES: *start eyeing younger planets*


[Blazing hot day]

Don’t forget to take a jacket, it might get cold.

~ My mom.


Me, an Astronaut: *home from mission*
Her: And so you’re back
Me: Do we have to do the Gloria Gaynor thing everytime?
Her: From outer space