HER: so like, what are you into?

ME: coincidences

HER: no way, me too!

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DATE: I’m just looking for someone who goes with the flow, you know? Someone chill.

ME: [has a small panic attack whenever a shop assistant asks if I’m looking for anything in particular] *nods*


DR: Good news and bad news

LADY: What’s the bad news

DR: Your husbands dead

LADY: *crying* Oh my god

DR: *holding finished sudoku behind back* Ask what the good news is


IT guy: Your keyboard won’t work because it’s full of crumbs.

Me: *flashes back to eating Nature Valley granola bar at desk* Weird.


I’m 6’ and I’m built like someone who overestimates by four inches


Pro tip:

Singing “Into the great wide open” is never ok during sex


*police sirens*

*Dad bursts into my room wearing a panda suit*


*throws a litter of panda cubs at me*


Husband called to me tonight, “What’re you doing in the bathroom? Kids need to get in bed.”

I will make his obituary as eloquent as I can.


ME: [rocking out front row at a concert] Woooo

THIRD CELLIST: Please sit down


How come an extremely angry woman can pack everything she owns in an hour,
but it takes her a week to pack for vacation?