[hits blunt]

how come i dont pee bubbles when i drink Sprite

[hits it again]

ah guess its ok, wouldn’t want a tingly dingus

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teacher: No eating in class

people sitting in the back of the classroom:


Imagine if last names were invented now, so instead of “Smith” and “Baker,” we had “Frontenddeveloper” and “Socialmediaconsultant.”


When people ask “what do you do” I try to seem normal by saying things like “Walk with my feet. Use water. See things that are there.”


if you ever feel useless, remember someone made a protective cover for Nokia 3310


No one is as glued to any piece of reading material as a parent counting down the songs in the program of a really boring school concert.


me: *ringing up 85 boxes of chocolate*
cashier : haha getting ready for Halloween are we?
me: what?


People on Twitter trying to one-up you in the comments like:

“Oh, someone close to you died? Well I’m in the process of saying my last wor-“