How is “Shark spotted swimming off the coast” news worthy?

Now if a shark was seen walking off the coast that’s different.

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If you’re forcing me to choose between you and my dream of making a sequel to the 1982 horror classic then you’ve got another Thing coming.


Relationship status: Putting aloe on the wall and rubbing against it to apply in places that I can’t reach.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Zombies & Vampires become human if we bite them first?

Somebody needs to test that one.


I can’t wait to get married and communicate my disdain solely through aggressive dishwashing.


You can tell you’re dealing with a professional by the way they carry on an entire conversation without ever taking the cigarette out of their mouth.


Prank caller: Is your refrigerator running?

Me: Of course. Can’t have these bodies at room temperature


My best friend’s marriage is such an inspiration.

As a reminder that there are worse things than dying alone.


In Florida we have the good sense to have our catastrophic weather events in the summer, when it’s nice out.