How many push-ups is too many when meeting your girlfriend’s dad for the first time?

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Fact: Bernie Sanders won’t release his birth certificate because it proves that when he was born he was already a 74-year-old man


*wakes up in the belly of a whale*
me: this can’t be happening again
morgan freeman: but it was, he was in the belly of a whale again


[before lamps were invented]

moth: i’ve finished yet another novel. our empire is glorious and vast


ME: i’m nervous
WIFE: don’t be. just be confident
BOSS: so do you think you’d be right for the job
ME: *confidently* no


(First date)

Just act like he’s not here.
Date: …
Husband: …


I like it soft and warm. Uh huh. Yea girl, go ahead and throw that figgy pudding in the microwave for a bit.


Text from wife: I’m so sorry, I’m gonna be about half an hour late
Me [forgot we were even meeting, still in bed]: you always do this