How to answer the door:
1. See person has arrived
2. Wait for doorbell
3. Count to five
4. Open and act surprised

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The family pet is getting old so we’re all pitching in and throwing the dog poop in the neighbors yard when she can’t make it over there.


Women’s magazines:

Page 5: accept yourself for who you are

Page 8: how to lose 10lbs in 1 week

Page 12: best cake recipe


[ Medical Website to retrieve your STD test results ]



“Walk it off” does not apply to everything.

Stupidity, for example.

You’re not walking that shit off unless it’s in to oncoming traffic


[cat hospital]
Cat Nurse: Let’s get you prepped for surgery. *licks patient all over*


When you get to Customs and they ask if you have anything to declare, “Thumb War” is not the answer they were looking for.


SON: dad why is my sister named Rose
DAD: because your mother loves roses
SON: i see. thank you dad
DAD: no problem, My Beautiful Wife


Welcome to Super Villain University. Please refer to the enclosed packet for a sample course offering: