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*breaks glass*
*pulls fire alarm*
Great, now that you’re all here, I want to correct this impression in the office that I’m weird.


Sweat pants & Uggs in public says “and I didn’t brush my teeth, either.”


I’m at the age where if I took an oatmeal bath I would want to add blueberries.


You know what I love about having kids? Not having them.


CASHIER: okay, so your total comes to $13.82, have a nice day
ME (have spoken English literally every day of my entire life):


FRIEND: our kids are away with their grandparents so I’m taking my wife out tonight

ME: oh wow, like with an assassin or are you gonna do it yourself?

FRIEND: um, like…to dinner

ME: cool, cool


If one door closes and another door opens, then probably your in a jail.


Girl: I want bangs
Me: I want a stylist to get my hair as close to antlers as possible. Make me look like a young prince of the wooded glen