Husband is upset I ate the last of the chicken. Can I help it if he didn’t see it enclosed in foil wrap, sealed inside Tupperware, and tucked behind the eggs on the bottom shelf?

It was right in front of him.

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[on road trip]

Me: I AM NOT turning this car around
Son: *cries*
Me: Nope. No way.

[45 min later]

Me: *walks out of house holding Mr. Teddy Bear*


I’ll huff
I’ll puff
and I’ll smoke all of your stuff.

-Big Broke Wolf


Have you been working out? You look amazing! You should be a supermodel. I ran over your dog.


Thanks to feminine hygiene advertising, I expected my first period to come out blue.

Imagine my surprise when it was bright green.


GF: Oh god it’s a bear!

Me: *Stuffs socks down front of pants*

GF: What are you doing?

Me: Making myself look big

Bear: Well hi


PRIEST: does anyone object to this marriage

ME: (clearing throat)




ME: i accidentally swallowed a Lego just now


What I say to my son: “Get dressed.”
His interpretation: “Stand around naked watching television with one sock on.”


Dear Neighbours,

“She’s coming” isn’t a great warning to give when I walk by and you stop talking.