I always look for the best looking cashier at the supermarket and always end up at the self checkout lane

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How to make meals for toddlers:

Step 1. Choose any food.

Step 2. Throw it away.


2015. Worse than the death of paper is the death of staplers. Rest in peace you sexy plastic alligators.


*amasses epic army of stoners but we do nothing because epic army of stoners*


Girl I wanna be strangely inside you just like the ‘meow’ in homeowner


Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Ketchup
Cinco De Mustard
Cinco De Siracha
Cinco De Ranch Dressing


Princess Peach: Something’s different. You seem taller.

Luigi wearing Mario’s red overalls: No, nothing is different. It’sa me, Mario.


NO, I will not come get candy from your van, Im not craz..
Oh cookies? Hmm.
Double stuff?! You don’t say!
The white one w/ no windows? Sure!


COP: Are you armed?
ME: *extremely good at talking myself into a beating* I’m armed and legged.


Shrink: How would you rate your depression right now?
Me: 0 out of 5 stars. Would not recommend.