I appreciate your confidence in me, but it appears your “foolproof” chicken recipe is merely “fool resistant.”

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After sex, I take the condom off and make a balloon animal for the lady.


Me: Who called it a religious pilgrimage instead of a roamin’ Catholic?

Salesman: So, I’ll just assume you want the extended warranty.


ME: You’ve put on weight
DRACULA: No I haven’t. Prove it
ME: When you fly, how many bats do you turn into?
DRACULA: [deep sigh] A shitload


HIM: whatcha thinkin’ about?

ME: *thinking about how polar ice caps are melting yet Santa still gives naughty children coal instead of a clean, renewable resource alternative* …oh, nuthin’


“Oh my god I can’t believe someone would pronounce my name exactly how it’s spelled!!!”

– people with stupid names


Overheard in 2nd grade class today:
“Do your work! Santa’s watching right now.”
“Yeah, my mom told me that ship has sailed for me long ago.”


My wife just threatened to kill me in my sleep, which seems much less horrifying than being killed wide awake. She’s always been thoughtful.


The tiny little pocket on a pair of jeans is great if you want to only be able to access your coinage by doing a handstand at a register