I bet Usher shows everyone to their seats at his concerts.

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[trying to make a new friend]

…so that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, now you go


[criminal trial]

PROSECUTOR: *gives eloquent, convincing closing argument as to why my client is guilty*

ME: *holds up poster of prosecutor’s entire argument in the spongebob meme format*

JURY: lmao, not guilty


I’ve just turned a mortgage payment into wine.

Your move, Jesus.


Highly Misleading Pictures That Will Make You Need To Look Twice At To Understand


the human just came home. smelling like another dog. this isn’t a problem. i’m totally not upset. if anybody needs me. i’ll be over here. wondering what i ever did to deserve this


The tattoo was temporary, but my love of dolphins shooting fire out of their mouths is forever.


There are gravy trains and boats. I wonder what gravy did to get on a no-fly list.


I’m fairly confident I could live in a desert, I’ve gone years without drinking water.


Turn yoga class into hot yoga by chasing everyone around with a blow torch.