I farted in the Apple Store on Black Friday and everyone got angry at me…
It’s not my fault they don’t have Windows.

*I’ll show myself out*

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When your partner cheats on you, do what every respectable person does. Post their name and phone number on 4Chan.


me: *goes outside during the day* why is the moon is so spicy


Dog keeps sighing melodramatically. I know he wants me to ask him what’s wrong, but I’m not falling for it.


Me: what is my final challenge

*dragon appears*

Me: oh no

Dragon: spell necessary



Neighbor’s rooster hacks & crows like he’s been a lifelong smoker


Wishing for bad shit to happen to people you hate is so wrong. You gotta be way more proactive than that.


BOSS: is your make up tattooed on?

ME: yeah it’s exhausting to have to put it on every single morning

BOSS: why a clown though


Me: One last drink and then I’m off to the petting zoo

Her: Aren’t you too drunk to bring the kids to a petting zoo?

Me: I have kids?


What if the first tire-swing was left there as a warning to other tires?